“Young Researcher of the Year in Behavioural Sciences” award

Every year, the Hungarian Ethological Society awards the most excellent young researcher working in the field of behavioural sciences. We continue this nice tradition also in 2021. The applications will be evaluated by a scientific jury and the award will be given to the applicant with the most outstanding work in the past year.

Application requirements:

– the scientific work included in the application was performed in a Hungarian institution, or the applicant was an enrolled student at a Hungarian institution (including Hungarian institutions over the borders)

– the applicant hasn’t yet obtained a PhD degree

– the applicant has achieved an outstanding scientific result in the given year that is suitable for attracting the attention of the international research community

– the application is largely based on the applicant’s own independent work

During the evaluation, we give preference to already accepted first-authored publications, but co-authored articles as well as conference presentations also increase the merit of the application.

The award will be provided at the conference, where the winner can present his/her results (30+5 mins). The award includes a certificate and a cash prize of 50,000 HUF.

The application should contain the following documents in pdf format:

1. Short professional CV

2. Publication list exported from MTMT (articles submitted, but not yet accepted can also be included in the application, however, in this case, please attach the journal’s confirmation)

3. A short, thesis-like description of the scientific activity of the last year and the future plans of the applicant (max. 2 pages with 11 pts Times New Roman letters, 2.5 cm margins)

4. Signed consent from the supervisor.

Please, send your application to metkonf2021@gmail.com

Deadline: 22 October, 12:00 (noon)