László Zsolt Garamszegi
Gergely Hegyi

My principal study object is the ornate plumage of birds: proximate determinants and evolutionary background, phenotypic plasticity and deterioration, developmental and functional integration, signal redundancy and processing by receivers.
Gábor Herczeg

I'm mainly interested in adaptive phenotypic evolution. I typically compare populations within species or individuals within populations. Lately, I started to focus also on within-individual variation in labile traits.
Márton Herényi

I investigate life-history strategies of hole-breeding passerines, especially natal and breeding dispersal, reproductive success and survival. I am also interested in identifying the migration route and wintering site of collared flycatchers.
Gergely Horváth

My research interest revolves around evolutionary ecology of consistent behavioural strategies (i.e. animal personality). Currently, I study how differences in environmental conditions and individual state affect behavioural variation on the between- and within-individual level.
Mónika Jablonszky

I’m a PhD candidate studying the consistency and plasticity of the behaviour of the collared flycatcher.
Katalin Krenhardt
Miklós Laczi

My area of interest is investigation of bird colouration from different viewpoints including information content, sexual selection, anatomical background and climate change. Besides, I’m also interested in studying collared flycatcher song.
Gábor Markó

My research focus is the animal behaviour paying special attention to the escape behaviour and risk-taking decisions observing avian species in both natural habitats and urban areas.
Gábor Michl
Gergely Nagy
Balázs Rosivall

I’m interested in various topics related to reproductive investment. My recent research mainly focuses on sex allocation. I investigate the determinants of offspring sex ratio, the reasons for variation among populations, the fitness consequences of sex ratio adjustment in birds species and humans.
Eszter Szöllősi

My research focuses mainly on the distribution and the effects of avian malaria infections in different bird species and populations.
János Török

My early curiosity about ecological issues (population dynamics, density dependence, interspecific competition, niche partitioning) has gradually broadened over the last three decades to include behavioural ecology, ecophysiology and evolutionary biology. For me, the most exciting questions relate to life-history evolution and sexual selection in birds. Our studies of migratory birds since 1982 have allowed us to study population changes that occur in parallel with climate change.

Eszter Szász
Sándor Zsebők

I'm interested in diverse topics related to the acoustic communication of birds, bats and shrews. I study the coding strategies, the individuality, the sexual selection, and the cultural evolution. I develop new methods to quantify, recognize and utilize the bioacosutic signals.
PhD students
Gergely Balázs
Hajriz Berisha
Nóra Boross
Helga Gyarmathy
Ferenc Hock
Gabriella Kőmüves

My main area of interest is bird colouration, and I study how they can use different plumage characteristics in communication. I am investigating the information content and role of pigment-based colour traits in collared flycatcher (Ficedula albicollis) nestlings, as well as the consequences of food deprivation and compensatory growth to nestling plumage colour parameters and to their oxidative state.
Nor Amira Abdul Rahman
Fanni Sarkadi

I study the consequences of brood sex ratio manipulation for nestling growth in the collared flycather. I'm also interested in the fitness consequences of sex ratio adjustment in humans.
Orf Stephanie
Gyula Szabó
Bettina Szajbert
Sára Sarolta Sztruhala
Éva Vaskuti
MSc students
Boldizsár Kovács
Eszter Plankó
BSc students