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Lambrechts, M.M., Adriaensen, F., Ardia, D.R., Artemyev, A.V., Atiénzar, F., Bańbura, J., Barba, E., Bouvier, J.C., Camprodon, J., Cooper, C.B., Dawson, R.D., Eens, M., Eeva, T., Faivre, B., Garamszegi, L.Z., Goodenough, A.E., Gosler, A.G., Gregoire, A., Griffith, S.C., Gustafsson, L., Johnson, L.S., Kania, W., Keišs, O., Llambias, P.E., Mainwaring, M.C., Mand, R., Massa, B., Mazgajski, T.D., Møller, A.P., Moreno, J., Naef-Daenzer, B., Nilsson, J.A., Norte, A.C., Orell, M., Otter, K. A., Park, C.R., Perrins, C.M., Pinowski, J., Porkert, J., Potti, J., Remes, V., Richner, H., Rytkönen, S., Shiao, M.T., Silverin, B., Slagsvold, T., Smith, H.G., Sorace, A., Stenning, M.J., Stewart, I., Thompson, C.F., Tryjanowski, P., Török, J., van Noordwijk, A.J., Winkler, D.W., Ziane, N. (2010). The design of artificial nestboxes for the study of secondary hole-nesting birds: a review of methodological inconsistencies and potential biases. Acta Ornithologica 45:1-26.

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